Who Am I?               

     Hi, I am Jill Singer, a resident of Wellington, Florida, and I started this practice to bring awareness to my community about the importance of estate planning.  I grew up seeing first hand the devastation and misery that comes with relatives passing with no planning in place.  I watched my mother have to battle it out in court with her cousins when my great aunt and uncle passed with no planning in place, only to have to spend valuable time and resources to ensure that what should have stayed in our family stayed in our family.  In the end, per a Court's direction, part of the assets went to my Great Aunt's family across the country with whom she had no relationship and had not spoken to in half a century.  What's worst is that she explicitly told us she wanted nothing to do with her family and deeply disliked them.  I cannot imagine her reaction if she were to have learned what ended up happening to her assets.  All of this could have been prevented with a simple Will in place.

     My mother put in place a family Trust years ago, and just recently realized that a condo that she purchased in 2001 was never re-titled into her Trust.  If she had passed today, her estate would have had to go through the time and expense of probate because the condo was not protected within her Trust.  This would have undermined the very reason that she spent so much money decades ago to put her trust in place in the first place.  Her traditional Estate Planning Attorney did not have systems in place to check for post-planning changes to her assets which would have prevented her estate from being at risk for all of these years.

     It is from these experiences and from hearing others' experiences that I strive to make a difference and to ensure that people have proper planning in place in the event of incapacity or death.